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"If you need a good lawyer please contact Mr.Todd Martin. You can contact him on his cell and office. What lawyer u know will give u they cell number and call him @ any time of the day. Take it from me I know he's a real good lawyer."

- Veronica Lewis


February 23, 2015 by Todd C. Martin

The $500 Divorce

I will be taking new divorce cases that fall under LA Art. 103, which are when the parties have lived separate and apart without reconciling for at least 6 months, if they have no children, or 1 year, if they do have minor children, for a fee of only $500. This does not include filing fees with the court, but does include my fee through the completion of the Judgment for Divorce. The majority of the time it can all be done by signed affidavit without you having to go to court. Please call (318) 387-2201 if you would like to make an appointment.  
On a side note, please avoid buying online divorce papers, the majority of them are no good in Louisiana and you will waste money purchasing these documents, filing fees at the court, and the majority of the time will be sent back by the judge with him telling you to get a lawyer.

July 17, 2014 by Todd C. Martin

Finalist for Best Attorney of the Delta

It is an honor to be named a finalist for Delta Style's Best of the Delta in the Best Attorney category.  Thank you for all of those that voted!

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