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"If you need a good lawyer please contact Mr.Todd Martin. You can contact him on his cell and office. What lawyer u know will give u they cell number and call him @ any time of the day. Take it from me I know he's a real good lawyer."

- Veronica Lewis

The $500 Divorce

divorce attorney monroe la

At the Todd Martin Law Firm, we know divorce is never easy on anyone.  On top of that a divorce is normally very expensive, is very time consuming, and you have to go to court. It is already a very difficult time, so we try to make it as painless financially and time wise as possible.  If your divorce is uncontested, Mr. Martin will do your divorce for $500 for his legal fees, plus filing fees and costs (such as service of process, etc.).  Normally typical filing fees are $250 and if you have your spouse sign a Waiver of Service, then you don't have to pay for service of process.  Also, Mr. Martin does the majority of his divorce cases by Affidavit and therefore you and your spouse should not have to go to court in most cases.  If there are any other issues such as child custody or property, those fees are extra.  


We of course do handle most all aspects of divorce and family law cases including custody, property, spousal support, and child support disputes and in keeping with our business model,we provide extremely effective  representation in these matters at an affordable competitive rate.

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